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Born Trader!

An article in the Player International Magazine covering the life of the founder of RIO Prestige, William Gray More...  

Supercars Enjoy Recession Boom!

ONE of the surprising benefactors of the global recession and car industry crisis have been supercar hire firms. As sales of dream motors plummet - Lamborghini last week revealed a 30 per cent drop - the desire to spend much less for a supercar just for the weekend has obviously been a big winner. More...  

200mph supercar enthusiasts take the hire road for a Highland fling

Watching Top Gear used to be the closest the average petrolhead got to a supercar – but not any more. A booming business has evolved hiring out the world’s fastest production vehicles to those who are willing to spend as much on a weekend in the fast lane as the man next door might spend on his next family car. More...  

Rio Prestige and The Apprentice

There were other amusing behind-the-scenes tensions when the fleet of cars, supplied by Rio Prestige, from Livingston, near Edinburgh, were taken to the scrapyard where filming took place. More...  

One man, three supercars, and a white-knuckle ride

Imagine a place where the world’s most exotic cars are lined up at the side of an exceptionally good road just waiting for you to put them through their paces. And by “exotic” I don’t mean Porsche, Maserati or even Ferrari. I mean the kind of cars you usually only see on television at 8pm on a Sunday night being driven by Clarkson or the Stig. Cars like a Koenigsegg CCS or a Pagani Zonda S.

In fact this is no schoolboy dream: the place is real. It’s called Rio Prestige Performance, it’s just outside Edinburgh and I’ve just been there. More...


Jets take on supercars in charity race


FIFE RAF fighter jets went head to head with some of the fastest cars in the world yesterday as part of a special charity challenge.

Pilots from 43 (Fighter) Squadron at RAF Leuchars, together with a Scottish company that specialises in the hire and use of ultimate performance cars and has an exclusive drivers’ club, helped raise around £10,000 for Help for Heroes, the charity for wounded servicemen and women. More...


Koenigsegg,Pagani and Spyker on the Rio Road Rally

Koenigsegg, Pagani and Spyker. What wouldn’t you give to get behind the wheel of one of these magnificent machines? But to have first-hand experience of all three as they were designed to be driven... well, that’s the stuff of dreams. MotorBar’s John Steel proves that even über-exotic dreams can become a reality...” More  

Top Gun versus Supercar

Some of the fastest vehicles on four wheels raced against powerful jets at RAF Leuchars. Click here to watch the national news coverage of this Rio event.  

RAF Leuchars to host charity races

The RAF's top fighter pilots are to go head to head with some of the fastest cars in the world as part of a special charity challenge. Click here to watch the national news coverage on the run up to this Rio Event.  

You don't need squillions to drive a supercar

Hiring the car of your dreams for a few days' fun requires serious thought: you might think you will look super-cool in a white Lamborghini Gallardo with black leather and white piping, but everyone else will think you look like a flashy git. More...