Rio Prestige

Upcoming venues and shows

As always Rio Prestige and RPM club market their services at both car shows and other venues throughout the UK. 2008 was the biggest ever show attendance where we displayed at MPH London, MPH Birmingham, Salon Privee, Goodwood festival of speed, Goodwood revival to name but a few.  This year we have cut back because we've chosen instead to concentrate on the main venues.  These venues have been proven to generate the most interest and more importantly produce business.

The venues we are exhibiting at are listed below in chronological order:-

North of Scotland Car Show (Aberdeen Exhibition Centre) - Sunday 31st of May 2009

Rio have exhibited at this event once before and as such were invited to attend as special guests of the orginisers this year. Even if this promotional opportunity is the smallest venue in our calendar its important to us because Rio have a strong presence in this region. The company has became a household name in the north east and will always take the opportunity to promote their services to an already established market. 

Aberdeen is the oil capital of Europe and is an ideal place to captivate both local and international business, history has shown that our years of marketing in this area has led to this becoming a primary area of business for RIO.

We brought our now famous Zonda (featured in the BBC Apprentice) to the venue which as usual drew a crowd on the day to the satisfaction of the event promotors.

Importantly, Rio's attendance at this event resulted in several confirmed hires as a direct result of the exibit which has made the event profitable already. We are also likley to supply vehicles for two wedding enquiries received on the day which would generate further revenue for the company.




Above photos taken at the event

Salon Privee  - Hurlingham Club London - 22nd 24th of June 2009

Now in its fourth year, Salon Privé is the UK’s ultimate Super Car Event and Concours d’Elégance. The three day event offers a unique opportunity to see the most exotic modern and vintage super cars in the world, with the exquisite and exclusive Hurlingham Club as a backdrop.

If you visit the Salon Privee site you will quite clearly see that our cars are displayed at the previous event.  The Rio hyper cars are feature strongly and are as main attraction for visitors to this event.

This will be the second year that we attend this show, we will be showing the Zonda and two other hypercars to this venue, perhaps the Bugatti Veyron and the Gumpert Apollo will join us on the day.  Our members are again invited to join us at the event free of charge; we have obtained tickets for this purpose.  This year we also have two tables for two out of the three night dinners and have 20 seats to fill for evening dinner.  This year is said to be by meteorologists, a long hot summer. With that in mind this could be a very success show both in numbers of attendance and as history has shown, revenue recieved at the event, after all Britain unfortunately doesn't share the same climate as the south of France or Italy.

MPH Top Gear Live - London - 5th to 8th of November 2009

Rio is no stranger to this event, this will be our fourth appearance at this venue.  Last year our stand with the Bugatti, Zonda and Koenigseigg lead to the London TV news being filmed from our stand much to the surprise to some manufactures like Jaguar / Lamborghini who had spent hundreds of thousands of pounds dressing their stand.  Rio's stand didn't cost anything close to this, to draw a comparison, some women can dress up as much as they like but they won't attract much of a crowd, with three legendary thoroughbreds on our stand we had to fence off the stand and put into place policing to stop people climbing onto the stand. 

As always we are one of the main attractions of the show, this can easily been seen by the amount of visitors to our stand, it was so busy we completely ran out of literature on day 2! We gave out 5000 brochures in only two days.  Our director commented that by the beginning of day two he had a sore throat and was unable to talk much more, for anyone who knows our Director, they will understand how busy it must have been!

Again, as with all events we invite members to attend the show free of charge, we have tickets for admission and tickets for the Top Gear live show, members are open to invite guests.

One of the great things of this show is we have seen a steady increase of hires taken at the event even although we have cut back on expenditure due to the UK economy in 2009, we felt very strongly that we must attend this venue as over 100,000 people pass though this area, many of which are car fanatics.  We feel the cost of the venue will be quickly recouped and will keep our name in the forefront of the media.

Again, our Director will be attending the event leaving the sunny climate of the far east to ensure everything runs smoothly and to answer any questions directly. 

We intend to have a surprise car at this event, so watch this space!