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Top gear star Jeremy hid under the bed in fear!

RIO Prestige has exhibited at Top Gear live venues from 2004 through to 2010.  Having met Jeremey, Richard and James several times at these events we were shocked to read the recent commotion in Argentina whilst they were filing for the upcoming series of Top Gear.  Coincidence? Joke gone wrong? Who knows, but it seems that it was blown entirely out of proportion.  Argentina is currently facing a nationwide economic crisis and the slightest upset is likely to result in an overreaction as we see here.

'Top Gear' presenter Jeremy Clarkson hid under a bed to escape from the angry mob in Argentina, after a perceived slight during the filming of a special show.

Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May were in Patagonia filming, with Clarkson driving a Porsche featuring the number plate H982 FKL, which was taken to be a reference to the Falklands War between the UK and Argentina, which began in 1982.
Clarkson said: “There is no question in my mind that we had walked into a trap. Make no mistake lives were at risk. Bonnets were banged, abuse was hurled. The police arrived and immediately breathalysed us.

“Richard Hammond, James May and I bravely hid under the bed in a researcher’s room as protesters went through the hotel looking for us. The car park was filling up. This was starting to get ugly.

Top Gear... registration plate which hints at the Falkands war of 1982.

“They threw us out for political capital. Thousands chased crew to border. Someone could have been killed.”
Arriving back in the UK, he added that the angry group '100 percent wanted to kill us'.

He also claimed that the number plate was not used intentionally, but entirely coincidental.

“This was not a jolly jape that went awry. For once, we did nothing wrong. We had planned a good ending to the show. But thanks to the government’s foolishness, it’s now even better.

“My profound thanks to all the people who helped. And to the sensible Argentinians who have apologised.