Rio Prestige

RIO Prestige supercars on The Apprentice - 27 May 2008

The latest task the candidates face is to rent supercars from the RIO Prestige fleet to the public...

With just six candidates remaining, the pressure is on to win and make it through to the penultimate task.  Sir Alan gives the teams a choice of supercars, and challenges them to rent them out to members of the public.  The cars include the very latest Aston Martin, a Ferrari, a Spyker and the Pagani Zonda - a car so rare few people in the world have ever driven one.  It's not hard to turn heads with such high-end merchandise, but the teams find interest soon dries up when they reveal the price tag to passers-by - with a day in the Zonda costing almost three thousand pounds.

The candidates all set out to prove what they're made of.  Someone reveals that they loathe cars, whilst another must overcome their fear of face-to-face selling.  But even for the more experienced sales people the pressure mounts and they soon realise just how hard this task will be.  As usual, one of the remaining candidates will hear the dreaded words: "You’re fired!"

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