Rio Prestige

Rio Prestige - The facts.

RIO Prestige ceased taking bookings for hire in November 2009 when the company commenced the promotion of the franchise licences being offered for sale at the MPH Top Gear Live show in London with almost 100,000 visitors.  It is important to note that all previous car hire bookings had been fulfilled, this allowed the above decision to be taken, essentially meaning the company suspend all car hire pending franchise allocations.

Rio Prestige's promoted the franchise licence availability in four regions. RIO secured the assistance of Miss Scotland, Miss Wales, Miss Ireland and Miss England to promote the Rio brand in their respective regions,  unfortunately Miss England was unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances.  As always Rio took the opportunity to promote a charity at the venue, in this instance it was the Variety Club children's charity, a very worthy cause.
The response from this show was better than expected and the company had already commenced the lengthy restructuring necessary to be able to secure franchising licence sales in each region. The regions are clearly displayed on the RIO Prestige web site for those interested in the company or its franchise licence availability. Anyone interested in becoming a franchisee or wants any information can contact Phill Wardle direct on
William Gray 
If you truly love super cars and you're a passionate driven individual then this opportunity could be for you!
All in all, we have received 32 franchise enquiries, 17 of which were genuine, unfortunately only 10 of them had the funds for such a venture.  Sadly in many cases we have also declined as the applicant didn't fit the Rio brand.  For example one such potential franchisee had the cars, the required funds but lacked the passion and the heart to help us to drive Rio to a new high, raising the standards and setting a new benchmark in our industry.  
We stand by our stringent franchisee recruitment criteria, we feel it's a necessary requisite to ensure future success of those who pick up the gauntlet.  We apologise to our customers who have had to accept lower standards recently having hired from other super car hire companies, yes, it has taken longer to find the perfect candidates for the franchise positions available.  The results will be worthwhile once the first franchise has been placed the standard our customers have come to expect will be available again with the added benefit of being closer to home.   
Rio Prestige was incorporated in January 2004 by William Gray an intensely passionate individual who's entrepreneurial drive and enthusiasm led to Rio Prestige becoming the worlds first hyper car hire company. The company offered such brands as Pagani, Spyker, Ferrari Enzo and Bugatti Veyron to name but a few.  The final crowning glory of this was the fact that the car manufacturers such as Koeniggseigg and Spyker endorsed Rio Prestige and commented to the reporter of the national 6 o'clock news that Rio is a beacon of light in the industry and that they were proud to be associated with the company.  
Do you love Lamborghini, admire Aston Martin or simply adore Ferrari? Then a RIO franchisee licence may be a fantastic opportunity for you to earn money from your passion. Rio Prestige, since it's inception has invested over £5 million pounds in building and establishing the brand.  Now is the ideal time to take advantage of the hard work which has created this opportunity for the right individual to drive their four wheels to a fortune. 
Currently RIO prestige are reviewing several applications for franchises this month and are likely to issue the first franchise licence this week which will be region Scotland South. This area covers Perth/Dundee south to Carlisle and Newcastle both in Nothern England. It took thousands of hours hard work and millions of pounds for RIO Prestige to build up their significant client base during the past five years which will be of benefit to the new franchisees as they will inherit the customer base in their defined region. 
Phill Wardle