Rio Prestige

Rio Prestige Salon Prive 2009 Coverage

Shown above is the Rio Prestige line up at this year’s London’s Salon Prive.  This is the second year in succession that the company has attended this prestigious event.  The 3 day open air venue went very well, partially due to the excellent weather. 

The famous Zonda and its long term friend the Koenigsegg made the long journey down from Scotland in Rio's customised transporters which are invaluable tools for professional vehicle movement.  When these icons are joined by the equally legendary Ferrari Enzo again Rio stole the show, our 3 car line up was simply overwhelming and perhaps more importantly the vehicles displayed were worthy of several concurs awards.  Each of these highly valuable vehicles has covered very few miles.

By the end of the event Rio had taken several hire bookings which are now in the process of being finalised.  Sadly, membership enquiries were predictably less this year although we did have two serious enquiries.  This market remains nervous due to several competitors going out of business. 

A point commonly overlooked is the fact that Rio is highly proficient in car logistics and hold a full haulage operator’s licence.  Rio has been approached by both Ferrari and Lamborghini in the past to move vehicles from England to Scotland and vice versa, it's not a field we would consider entering as we as so focused on our core business.  However; in today's market this extra revenue may indeed be worth further investigation.

Surprisingly, we were approached by 3 separate individuals all interested in the Rio franchise opportunity  which currently exists in the London area.  One gentleman Ranson Tooth may indeed fit Rio's stringent requirements for anyone to represent the Rio brand. Ransons' family is heavily involved in motor design and various other aspects of the motoring industry.  Updates on the Rio franchise will appear on the website soon.

Rio Prestige members joined the stand on all three days to lend their support which is always appreciated; remarkably our club members take a great interest in prospective members as after all the members are the club.  Rio provides the tools and opportunity for likeminded individuals to indulge in their passion for exotic vehicles.

The company were provided with 20 tickets for the evening entertainment at Salon Prive, which were distributed to the members free of charge on a first come first serve basis. On the final evenings event Salon Prive offered a charity auction in aid of the Prince Charles trust which is a remarkable charity.  Rio's table had prominent guests and as such Rio were able to secure the final bid in one lot's offered in the auction and as such donated £5,500 on the day.