Rio Prestige

Rio Prestige Franchise - Region 2

Having successfully concluded negotiations on terms and conditions of the franchise licence with one potential franchisee, we are happy to say that our legal team have today received a formal proposal from the potential franchisees lawyers for regions 2, south Scotland.

Region two's designated territory stretches from Perth / Dundee south to Carlisle / Newcastle.   This proposal is currently with our legal team, should all legal requirements be found to be satisfactory we hope to announce the first operational franchise by Tuesday 24th of August 2010.

The potential licence applicant is very anxious to conclude this deal as Rio Prestige are currently receiving a high volume of hire enquiries from their website, the increased enquiries can be attributed to the optimisation work carried out earlier this month in anticipation of the deal being concluded, this would enable the new franchise to be active immediately since this applicant owns a selection of super cars including the very popular Aston Martin and Ferrari marques.