Rio Prestige

Rio Prestige and Miss Scotland raise funds for charity


Seen above Miss Scotland 2009  at RIO Prestige Performance UK Ltd exhibition November 2009 assisting with RIO franchise promotion in London at MPH TOP Gear live.


Clearly displayed RIO’s Zonda sporting now the legendary RIO coat of Arms coupled with the embossing variety club’s crest in aid of the world famous Childers charity which RIO raising money for on the day. William Gray the Director of RIO Prestige displayed true creative ingenuity in his marketing/promotional skills when he enlisted the services of miss contestants from each regions to promote RIO’s franchise opportunities.


William approached the Miss world foundation who agreed to Miss Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales attending RIO Prestige exhibit at MPH exhibition which obviously drew attention from the 100,000 visitors. The amount of photos taken of RIO’s stand at this venue was staggering the companies exotic display of hyper cars is always a star at such venues, other exhibitors had spend tens of thousands of pounds on their stands but didn’t draw the same attention. Although incredibly shrewd financially, William is an avid supporter of worthy causes and charities, embracing the Miss Scotland brand over a decade ago when he first invited Miss Scotland to Asia to help raise funds for a charity at an event he became involved in.


RIO’s association with the Miss Scotland brand lead to several holders of the Miss Scotland title attending charitable events in Asia over the ensuing years.

Charitable venues attended/supported Include the raising funds for the Tsunami Relief Fund in Thailand 2005.