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Richard Hammond - Raise the speed limit!

 In support to Richard Hammond's comment on raising the speed limit (See here - ) we would like to state that we support this proposed change to the law.  We actually believe that the current 70MPH speed limit is outdated and dangerous.

With todays technology and braking capabilities of new vehicles, we believe that the speed limit should be 90MPH.  Of course there are older cars on the road, why not impose the 70MPH limit on those cars?  New cars with a capacity around or above 2000cc has an optimal economical speed of 90MPH.  With a higher limit this will reduce the amount of brake usage resulting in lower fuel consumption, all the facts aside.

A Solution

A competent driver in a capable car should be allowed to sit an advanced drivers test which would allow individual to drive at 90MPH due to the fact he has obtained an advanced driving licence.  In cash strapped UK, wouldn't it make sense for the government to have additional revenue? I'm sure many motorists would be happy to part with another £100 - £200 to gain this privilege.  If only 10% of the 38 million motorists were to pay a £100 fee, this would raise £380,000,000, surely this would be an interesting proposition for the UK government.

Final Comment

We would advocate an increase in the speed limit, especially if this involved a far stricter driving test.  In essence, a dual category system, the standard licence would be suited to people who are city drivers and occasional motorists, the second advanced category is suited to anyone who is competent and willing to demonstrate their abilities in an advanced test perhaps administered by the police.  This would also be an additional way of funding one of the UK's vital public services.