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New Boxster S

Porsche’s latest 981 Boxster sheds weight while adding power and efficiency

Since first launching in 1996, the Porsche Boxster has offered drivers’ a Porsche experience for a fraction of the price of the marque’s flagship sports car.

The roadster body style and mid-engined layout with sharp yet predictable handling have won it many fans, although its talents have always been overshadowed by that of its bigger brother, the 911.

Yet the Boxster has continued to improve throughout its life, benefiting from many of the innovations and developments found elsewhere in the Porsche range.

The Facts

The latest Boxster features an all-new lightweight body incorporating a completely revised chassis.

The 315 hp 3.4 S delivers 32.1mpg and 206g/km Co2. PDK auto transmission brings increased efficiency with both powertrains.

The cabin has improved in size and is a much classier affair than before, with the dashboard using a similar layout to that found in the 911.

The Boxster S with it's 3.4 litre engine make an incredible noise with speed to match.

As for handling, the Boxster can be driven quickly very easily, as it inspires confidence and always feels composed with huge amounts of grip.

If the driver does push too hard, Porsche’s Stability Management System (PSM) acts as safety net: by continuously monitoring the speed, yaw velocity and lateral acceleration of the car.


Having owned a fleet of Boxsters over the years, this years model is easily the best Boxster ever in production.  Coming from the new Boxster S and jumping into the cockpit of its predecessor can only be described as a very disappointing experience.  The new Boxster is a car that a man can be seen in, it's looks are aggressive and the sound produced is also aggressive. .

Best of all the performance which previously we have never been very impressed with, but this car is also practical with the addition boot space, this car gets a 5 star report from RIO Prestige.

We believe that the Porsche Boxster S is one of the best value cars on the road.

Performance is now better than ever with the Boxster S PDK close on the heels of the base 911 Carrera with a 0-62 time of 5.0 seconds.


Model Boxster S
Price £45,384
Engine Flat 6, mid engine transverse,
3436cc, normally aspirated
Max Power 315 hp @ 6,700 rpm
Max Torque 360 Nm @ 4,500-5,800 rpm
Transmission 6-speed manual
Kerbweight 1,320 kg
Max Speed 173mph
Acceleration 0-62mph 5.1 secs
MPG 32.1 mpg
CO2 emmissions 206g/km