Rio Prestige

Green Corporate Supercar Events

RIO Prestige is now considering a Green Supercar Corporate event package due to a suggestion from a corporate client.  This event would offer all the usual excitement of a RIO Prestige corporate event but with one difference, no petrol! Electric power!

There are now several 'green' electric powered supercars available on the market with many more still in the design phase at a few well known supercar manufacturers.  Performance wise, what seemed impossible just a few years ago is already a reality.

Of course the power source of these green cars still has a long way to go until it can reliably compete with a fossil fuel powered car, but still, green is the future with eye watering sums of money being spent on research and development with the sole aim of making green electric powered cars a viable alternative to their limited supply fossil fuelled brothers.

If you're still a little unsure about the performance of these new generation electric powered supercars, check out the video below from series 20 of BBC's Top Gear.

Petrol Mercedes SLS Vs. Electric SLS


Other Electric Cars

This video shows the selection of electric cars currently out there and currently in development.