Rio Prestige

About RIO Prestige


RIO Prestige is a Company who endeavors to provide excellence, nothing less.

RIO since it inception has been viewed as the market leader. For example after only one brief year in business, we became the first company in the world to offer Hyper car hire to the general public by adding a Zonda to the fleet. Not content with this, we continued to expand this facility adding a Koenigsegg to the fleet during 2005 the fastest car in the world at that time. Add to this another iconic vehicle during 2007, a Spyker Spyder C8 the master peace of precision engineering and one can see why we are a breed apart. We continue to dominate this market with our experience and skill which has seen us become the only manufacturer approved Hyper car hire agent in the world. We now work very closely with manufactures to ensure that RIO complements the brands offered for hire.

Why are we unique-years of innovation, creativity and cutting edge precision has seen RIO Prestige rise up though the ranks to become one of the UK’s top Supercar hire companies. The multitude of articles written by the motoring press on our company supported by the media coverage of RIO’s unique and often spectacular venues has perhaps high lighted this fact. In many ways RIO has became the bench mark for the rest of the Supercar hire industry, more importantly this is something we set out to achieve from the very beginning. Having attained this privileged position, we have a passion rarely seen in the motoring business which we believe gives us the edge to remain at the top of this industry.

William Gray - CEO The RIO Group